Donation Appeal Video

One Minute Donation Appeal Video by AAM’s Founder


I’m Mike Holly, founder of Americans against Monopolies, the think tank that finally solves the nation's major economic problems by discrediting government regulations favoring monopolies.

Government officials favor their monopoly supporters by imposing regulations denying their fellow Americans the freedom to compete on a level playing field.

By doing so, politicians are allowing monopolies to rip-off consumers, taxpayers, workers and the environment. 

Monopolies cause wealth disparity, slow economic growth and/or increase debt, and suppress innovation. Monopolies have led to the nation’s major economic crises, including the Great Depression, the Great Inflation, and the recent Great Recession.

I have contributed plans to correlate, expose, analyze and promote abolishing government regulations favoring monopolies in key industries within all nine sectors of the economy.

YOUR greatly appreciated donations will be used to hire and commission the help needed to get this critical work done as soon as possible.

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