the problem is monopolies, the cause is politicians


Monopolies are the root cause of the major economic problems. They dominate the key industries in all sectors of the economy. They deny others the freedom to compete with them so they can increase profits and prices. They are created by preferential government regulations imposed by politicians:

  • Banking - Federal Reserve banking monopoly regulates the banks and favors big over small banks, which concentrates the nation’s wealth especially among Wall Street bankers while causing debt crises like the 2008 Great Recession, which required taxpayer bailouts
  • Housing - Freddie/Fannie mortgage duopoly and FHA promote larger homes, which leads to urban sprawl, slums and housing bubbles; and local politicians favor real estate developer cronies that help make construction the world’s least efficient industry
  • Health Care - regulations restricting supply of doctors, hospitals, drugs and insurance creates monopolies while denying others opportunities that, combined with government buyer monopolies increasing demand with subsidies, is causing the 50-year+ cost crisis
  • Food - regulations like crop subsidies create monopolies, including GMO seeds, corporate mono-culture farms, junk food processors and international traders, that block the development of alternative crops, family farms, healthy foods and the world's agricultural economy
  • Energy - regulations create monopolies, like OPEC Cartel, Big Oil & Gas, electricity/gas utilities and mandated/subsidized renewable energies/fuels, which cause cycles of energy crises/predatory pricing and bar entry of those offering lower-cost/cleaner technologies
  • Auto - regulators favor monopolies, like the Big Three Automakers, Big Four Airlines, Big Four Railroads and taxis, that block entry of new domestic companies and increase consumer costs; and burdensome regulations limit supply of truck drivers
  • Tech - regulated franchises are awarded to telephone, cable and internet monopolies and overly-generous intellectual property protections create information technology monopolies that block new companies while increasing costs/decreasing service for consumers; 
  • Other & All Private Industry - regulations favoring superstores, internet sales and sports leagues are concentrating wealth; union laws prevent other workers from earning a living; and tougher environmental regulations favor foreign manufacturers 
  • All Public Industry - public monopolization of education, defense, infrastructure, police, prison and postal are leading to high costs and deteriorating quality, while blocking opportunities for private companies 


Appeal to You to Join Us


YOU are needed to join Americans against Monopolies (AAM) and receive updates. Then, you can help methodically solve the nation’s economic problems by commenting or contacting AAM with recommendations for additions and/or corrections to the above working data base (see also links) that documents past and present political cronyism favoring monopolies. And/or you can donate funds used to hire and commission the help needed to correlate, expose and analyze the data.


First, YOU will join famous Americans who recognized the problems caused by monopolies. Today, most politicians and economists ignore the problem. But monopolies were opposed by Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. The domination of the economy by monopolies has troubled famous economists spanning U.S. history from "the father of capitalism" Adam Smith to Karl Marx to Thorstein Veblen to John Kenneth Galbraith to George Stigler and Joseph Stiglitz today. Monopolies are leading to basically every economic problem as recently found by University economists Jan De Loecker and Jan Eeckhout.


Second, YOU will join those few Americans who have recognized enduring monopolies are created by regulations imposed by government officials. Today, virtually all politicians, judges and other government officials won't see it, because they support and are supported by monopolies. Most economists (e.g., socialists) benefit professionally from formulating regulations, so they blame market imperfections for monopolies. However, monopolies rest on privileges granted by government, according to famous deceased capitalist economists like Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises and Nobel Prize winners Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman and George Stigler.


Third, YOU will be among the rare Americans actually trying to solve the nation's economic problems. Capitalist economists have failed to even systematically correlate the historical relationships between market imperfection analysis, preferential policies, monopolies and economic problems; let alone sufficiently analyze causation. AAM will raise awareness about the political causes of monopolies to convince the public to demand that politicians abolish regulations favoring the monopolies causing the major economic problems. The think tank will be guided by its unique vision (see "About" link), definition of the problem, and solution  formulated for success.




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