Invest in the movement against monopolies

Americans against Monopolies (AAM) welcomes donations that will be used to hire and commission the help needed to demonstrate that monopolies are created by government regulations imposed by politicians, and cause the major economic problems.

One Minute Donation Appeal Video by AAM’s Founder 


Although AAM could and would operate slowly and indefinitely without donations, the goal is to complete causal analyses of the nine economic sectors with at least $210,000 per year for 20 years, $310,000 per year for nine years, or preferably $410,00 per year for five years. 

The following efforts will be added as contributions from donors reach the following funding levels:

$5,000/year total = add NationBuilder web site SEO at $2400/year and other marketing expenses (e.g., advertisement)

$40,000/year total = add $35,000 annual salary (including benefits) for manager to devote more time to web site

$110,000/year total = add $70,000 annual salary for hiring of full-time web site operator

$210,000/year total = add $100,000 annual salary for hiring of full-time economist

$310,000/year total = commission a University to conduct a causal analysis of one of the nine economic sectors

$410,000/year total = commission two causal analyses 


This 501c3 public charity gratefully accepts tax deductible donations of at least $20 from any source. 

Donate $50+ Get recognition by name for your support of this project (if you request it).

Donate $100+ Be among the first to receive projects when completed.

Donate $200+ Get a signed copy of the project by the creators.

Donate $500+ Get a signed copy of the project and a personal phone call from the creators.

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