Proposed Additions to Libertarian Party Platform


Proposed Planks for Libertarian Party Platform


Position Critique of Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen


Introduction: How the Libertarian Party Could Win the Political Debate


Reasons for Proposed Planks


1. LP should better detail regulations so can analyze problems to formulate solutions and transitions.


Health care planks don’t address many problem regulations, like Certificate of Need.

Education planks don’t mention the bigger problem of subsidies to schools.

Electricity deregulation planks don’t address many problem regulations, like transmission constraints.


2. LP should consider the possibilities of: (a) market imperfections, and (b) already imbedded government-granted advantages, before moving to free markets.


Does health care competition require ending the medical licensing of doctors?

Should children be responsible for their education even if parents are neglectful?

Should everyone be allowed to build electricity transmission lines?


3. LP should provide examples of real-life successes and failures, and cite reasons.


Why has Europe been much more successful with medical licensing?

Why have school voucher programs been unsuccessful?

Why has electricity deregulation had so many problems in U.S.?



Planks              My Articles About Planks

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Education      Outrageous Education Costs Caused by School Subsidies

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                      The Feds Choose Winners and Losers in the Energy Industries


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