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AAM's Founder Publishes Report Showing Politicians Have Always Created the Monopolies that Cause the Economic Problems

AAM's founder has published his third study showing government regulations imposed by politicians have favored and created the monopolies that have led to the major economic crises throughout U.S. history. This recent report entitled “How Politicians Created Every Major Monopoly and Economic Problem.” The report concludes that economists have enabled politicians by ignoring the pervasiveness of these monopolies. The founder has also published part of the summary of the report as an article on the site of the ????? Institute.

The first, second and third studies are more developed with each more recent article and differ in that they focus on the corruption of politicians, monopolists and economists, respectively. An early 2016 article, published in Mises, describes more about politicians creating economic problems (e.g., the emerging financial crisis), as well as providing more links to the works of scholars. A late 2016 You-tube video describes more about monopolies in key industries. The third article adds the role of economists.

The three articles show the claims that capitalism creates monopolies, first championed by communists/socialists Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, is false. The current timing of these three articles is critical because today's politicians, economists and journalists are falsely blaming capitalism for wealth disparity and other economic problems.